Change This One Habit To Improve Your Life

It can sometimes feel like a drag when you have to do tedious work as you strive towards your dreams. You know exactly what you want, but it has been such a struggle to get there.

You go to bed thinking, “Okay, tomorrow I will get up and do work.”. But you end up wasting the beginning of the day, moping around in sadness because you wish things were different.

Well, this is your wake up call to let you know that things will not be different until you change your thoughts. According to Psychology Today, we have over 25,000–50,000 thoughts per day. Some even say we even have up to 80,000 thoughts per day, in which 80% of our thoughts are negative. It’s not a “normal” thing to think positive thoughts, rather it is quite opposite.

We have made it a habit to think negative thoughts. If we changed our thinking, we can truly change our lives. So, next time you think a negative though, acknowledge that the thought is there and simply let it go.
“This meeting is going to go horribly wrong”. Check your thought and change it to “This is just a thought. What if everything is working for my good”.

Another thought that you could have is a complaining one.
“Ugh. I’m so tired”
“Ugh. Do I really have to go to that event?”
“Ugh. Do I really have to take the dogs out?”

When we have thoughts that are complaining, we allow our ego to get in the way. We may complain about a person and more often than not, we complain about a situation. Well, if we remove complaining out of our thought process and just decide to make the decision to do what it is that we need to do. Or we just let a person be and think positive thoughts about them, we protrude positive energy and a positive life will fall into our laps.

Please remember, that even when things don’t turn out the way that you had hoped for, to be grateful. Sometimes what we think is a disaster may actually be the greatest blessing in our lives.


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